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Krypton Power changed the way we run our business

Having seen delays in the insolvency and management process that caused stress for Portal and additional work for insolvency firms, we set out to build software that improved the process for everyone involved.



Our solutions improve the speed, accuracy and simplicity with which repetitive tasks can be carried out. Each of our core products was purpose built for its specific sector, but is highly self-configurable, enabling it to be self-customised to match a customer's own workflows, methodologies, procedures and document types.

Krypton Power allows your sales staff to keep track of all your leads, no matter who the introducer or source. It doesn't matter if a lead has been manually inputted, sent via the API or submitted via an Introducer Form, Krypton Power allows you to track a lead all the way from initial enquiry to conversion. Powerful Reports in Krypton Power deeply integrate with leads to provide business owners with an insight into which introducers and advisors are converting the most business. We don't just list pages of data, we visualise the most important information using graphs and charts to give you the immediate answers you require in realtime.


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