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Convert Leads to Other Sales Records

All new web leads are marked with a status equal to the "default status" that your administrator selects when editing the Lead Status picklist values. In addition, web-generated leads are marked with the "Unread" flag; they have a check mark in the Unread column on the lead list views.

When there is a chance of further negotiations with a lead, it can be converted into an account, contact, and potential. In short, once the lead status has reached a certain stage, it can be qualified as a potential. On conversion, all the lead details are transferred in creating an account, contact, and potential. You can map the lead fields with those of the account, contact and potential so that the details are transferred to the appropriate fields. While converting a lead to a potential client. First a new account and contact are created with the relevant lead data, and then a new potential is created.

Note: That only the campaigns associated to the lead will be listed. You can associate one campaign which qualified the lead. This details for this campaign source will be available in the potential.

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