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The Krypton Power CRM has been specially designed for businesses to help streamline the day to day running both internally and externally.

Businesses can use the Krypton Power CRM integrated Click to Call system to allow users to make or receive calls directly from their portal, getting rid of having to switch between multiple screens and copying information.

Having an integrated dialler system can provide substantial savings in both time and money when a business is making and receiving calls on a large scale. Whether it's a call centre, or simply uses calling as a tool for generating more sales, using the Krypton Power CRM dialler system will help maximise the performance of your business.

With this software you can have all the features of a dialler system, agents logged in, calls taken and waiting queues, all integrated into the Krypton Power CRM to help improve overall efficiency.

The click-to-call feature removes the need for manual dialing, eliminating the possibility of dialing errors, decreasing agent efficiency. Using click-to-call essentially guarantees that you will be connected with the right caller every time you place an outbound call.

Running the Krypton Power CRM Dialler System is as simple as using it. Data can be uploaded, updated or removed with a few clicks.

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