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There are One types of Krypton Power windows available. We are used to contact with User, they do it a bit differently.
Read on to see which chat window fits your website better.

Krypton Power default implementation is an embedded chat window, which allows the user to conduct a chat directly from a web page. However, sometimes a popup window can be useful. This guide takes you through the process of setting up a live chat popup window. At the same time, it serves as an example of the power and flexibility provided by LiveLeader's customization capabilities.

For example, if your User has started a chat on your main page and then went to your Portal page, the chat window will follow that user and the conversation will continue. Popup chat window is better when you want to have your Krypton Power placed on specific pages only. For example, just your billing or support page. You can also have live chat available only for registered users by placing it on sites that require logging in.

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