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Foundation of any security management

Managing the complexities of security administration is one of the growing concerns in any enterprise, especially those open to e-commerce and those with large networks. In such demanding times, the availability of Security Management is considered predominant – affecting all sectors of an enterprise.

In Krypton Power Portal, a user is one who manages records, their own or those shared by other users, within the organization. In addition to accessing the portal data, some of the users can perform administrative functions for smooth running of the portal account.

Based on the editions and the user licenses, you can add users in Krypton Power portal. In the Free Edition, you can add up to 10 users. In the other Editions, the number of users that you can add is based on the user licenses purchased. Each user can sign in to their account with an email address and password. Every user is given a role and profile. The profile determines what features a user is allowed to access and the role determines what data the user can access based on the organization's hierarchy.

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