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The Krypton Power CRM is designed to streamline the workload of every aspect of your business. Using the management and Human Resources sections, you can easily manage your agents, users and the portal system.

Employees are the significant assets and the primary promoters of profitable business for any business. Apart from managing clients and customers for business purpose, it's a responsibility of any business to manage and fulfill all needs of its own employees. The Krypton Power CRM has integrated our Employee Resources Management (ERM) directly into the portal and is being used by hundreds of HR heads and managers managing a company's human capital.

Benefits of having Employee Resources Management in the Krypton Power CRM include:
Profile Management - Manage profiles of all the employees which contain the entire employee related information
Training- Notifications to attend training can be easily distributed within the business
Performance Calculation - Measure the performance of employees in their day to day role to help to maximise their efficiency
Managing Employee Behaviour - Easily manage the behaviour of your employees, for example; lates and absences
HR- Manage working hours, pay, holidays and sickness.

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