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User status profile is used to control user statuses

Each user status has a unique status order number in a user status profile.
The status order number defines the sequence of the user statuses in a status profile.

Status that you set can create additional information to the existing system status. You define a user status in a status profile that is created in 'customizing' for business transactions. You can define and activate as many user statuses as you wish. A status profile can then be assigned to the following in Customizing for business transactions.

A business transaction is not a static object, but it has its own life cycle, which starts when it is opened and ends when it is completed. During this time, other business transactions change this business transaction. It is, for example, forwarded for release or set to completed. The system displays the user status that is assigned an ordinary status number, as well as the user status without a status number, on the "Status" assignment block. Only one user status with a number can be active at a time, while many user statuses without numbers can be active at a time.

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