Convert Leads to Other Sales Records

All new web leads are marked with a status equal to the "default status" that your administrator selects when editing the Lead Status picklist values. In addition, web-generated leads are marked with the "Unread" flag; they have a check mark in the Unread column on the lead list views.

Users can login to the Krypton Power CRM depending on their role within the business. For example:
✔ Admin
✔ HR
✔ Partner
✔ Introducer
✔ Management

Departments can be customised to suit your business. Each agent will have their own log in details giving them access to the chosen fields within the portal. You can change how much or how little an agent sees when logging in at any time.

Logins can also be personalised for your business needs. Agents can add their photo for other agents and clients to see. This can also be used within your business for example, employee of the month can be shown on the Interactive Dashboard with the advisers details and image.

Status that you set can create additional information to the login of an agent. You define a user status in a status profile that is created in 'customizing' for businesses. You can define and activate as many user statuses as you wish. Examples of statuses already being used with the Krypton Power CRM portal are:

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