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With Krypton Power you're never left scrambling through different software to piece together your sales process.
Krypton Power's robust customization tools like fields, filters and tags make it easy for you to find what you're looking for.

It's often necessary to pull batches of customers using variables other than "User Id" or "name." Krypton Power's portal includes filtering and sorting functionality that allows you to define your search criteria and conduct searches that work for you. With our portal, you can set custom filters and sort search returns alphabetically, by last added, last activity or date added.

Filtering contacts makes it easier for sales teams to focus their efforts on a specific segment of customers. In our portal, you can create custom fields for deals, contacts and leads to aid in your future searches. Tag contacts, deals, or leads with relevant terms and filter using your custom tag to see the data that you want. From there you can easily sort results based on the variables most applicable to your needs.

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