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A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away

Showcase upcoming events in a block-style gallery, with images, videos, and descriptions. Adjust the fonts, colors, sizing and spacing to match your business. And add simple social share buttons to help spread your posts on social media using the Krypton Power CRM Event Gallery.

The Krypton Power portal gives users access to the event gallery to help keep up to date with the latest news and events within your business and its sector.

Your event gallery is completely customisable, you can change the logos, colours, borders, text, backgrounds, and almost anything else to match each campaign within your business.

Mobile phones and tablets now account for as much as half of all internet traffic, with the Event Gallery, your users can keep upto date with your business from anywhere. The Krypton Power Event Gallery is compatible with all devices including laptops, tablets, televisions and mobiles.

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