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Krypton Power Portal provides email templates to send one message to multiple recipients. Email templates can be used to send a mass email to leads/contacts, and send email notifications to the Krypton Power portal users upon triggering a workflow rule.

Do you find yourself drafting the same email over and over again as you work to gather client data needed for your business processes? Do you go searching for a sent email to copy and paste text from? It's easy to create an email template in portal 2016 to use over and over again to save you time when completing your daily tasks.

An email template is attached to an email activity after the activity is created. Typically, each type of email activity has its own email template type; for example, an email activity created from a case record would use a case email template. You can also create global templates that are available for any record type, or personal templates available only to you, or organizational templates available to anyone in your organization.

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