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Working with Tasks & Events

We often have need to send recurring reminders to our various users or customers from CRM. You can do this using asimple solution. By creatinga task to start the reminder. Deletion of which will send out a Reminder Email. For deletion of a task, we can create a 'Bulk Delete task', which will run in recurrence.

Activities play an important role in daily business operations. Activities can be either time bound calendar events, such as meetings, seminars, appointments, etc. Or status bound tasks, such as sending status reports to a manager, sending an email to a customer, and so on.

In our Krypton Power portal, most of the records have activities as a related list for a better 360-degree view. You can associate activities with modules, such as leads, accounts, contacts, potentials, campaigns, etc.

For tasks, you have the option to choose the type of reminder you want. For events, both the reminders options are enabled and cannot be disabled while adding an event from the Activities tab. However, your Calendar may have different reminder options. In your calendar preferences, you can turn off just the Email reminder.

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