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Exporting CRM Data

The Export Data feature allows you to export data (in CSV format) from individual CRM modules. After exporting the data,
you can further validate or store the data in your own server(s).

For many years, a Microsoft Excel export and import redesign has been one of top change requests from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community. The previous version of the feature did not allow you to import large sets of data, extract more than 10,000 records without risky database hacks, and wasn't always user friendly.

In addition to the advanced export to Excel options, Microsoft now offers the ability to export data to MS Excel Online directly from a CRM View. Users can click on the 'Export to Excel' button and the downloaded file becomes available on your desktop. No more popup windows asking you to select the file format!

The default portal data export and data import format is now .xlsx. The exported file is automatically converted to an Excel table which can be open and modified by any software supporting Excel files. This is a fantastic enhancement that will save time for portal users working with data on a daily basis!

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