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Running the Krypton Power CRM Dialler System is as simple as using it. Data can be uploaded, updated or removed with a few clicks. Multiple data sets can be uploaded within seconds and can be placed into the campaign of your choosing.

Krypton Power CRM also has filters embedded into the data section of the portal. When uploading data, the Krypton Power CRM will automatically search for:
✔ Duplicate leads
✔ TPS leads
✔ HLR checked leads
✔ Email validation

This ensures that all data that is contacted from all campaigns within your business is fully compliant with GDPR Regulations. Filters can be customised and added depending on your business needs.

It's often necessary to pull batches of customers using variables other than "User Id" or "name." Krypton Power's portal includes filtering and sorting functionality that allows you to define your search criteria and conduct searches that work for you. With our portal, you can set custom filters and sort search returns alphabetically, by last added, last activity or date added.

Filtering contacts makes it easier for sales teams to focus their efforts on a specific segment of customers. In our portal, you can create custom fields for deals, contacts and leads to aid in your future searches. Tag contacts, deals, or leads with relevant terms and filter using your custom tag to see the data that you want. From there you can easily sort results based on the variables most applicable to your needs.

The Krypton Power CRM will automatically send an email to many recipients at the end of a working day with an End of Day Data Report ready to view or download. This will be a detailed report of all data uploaded that day, time it was called, amount of times it was called and the call outcome. Filters for the report can also be customised so you only see what you need.

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