Krypton Power easy to use for Business

If your business involves managing financial claims, personal debt, legal caseload, direct debits or property portfolios, there is a more
efficient way to work which will free up time, enhance efficiency and help increase profitability.

Correspondence Management

Track all correspondence between businesses, partners and clients. All forms of contact are all automatically integrated into our CRM; emails, calls, social media and messages ensuring there is clear communication lines at all times.

Event gallery

Showcase the latest and upcoming news and events in a customizable block-style gallery, with images, videos, and descriptions. Change the Event Gallery to suit your business needs.

Live chat

Provide winning customer support with our live chat pop up. Chat with advisers, partners, introducers and clients easily.

Partner section

Build and empower your partner network with the Krypton Power CRM. Connect directly with channel partners to share goals, objectives, and activities in a secure, branded location.

Dialer Management

Manage all your dialler leads directly from the CRM, as it integrates all business sales, leads and enquiries from all platforms into one simple system. This Increases productivity and enables your users to accomplish more in their working day

Campaign Cloning

Use the Krypton Power CRM for all aspects of your business with easy cloning. Our simple to use system allows you to combine all campaigns within your business into one easy to manage CRM.

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